Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Attending An Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Gets Your Foot in the Door

More than other industries, the automotive service technicians field looks for apprentices and workers who come into the arena with hands-on experience under their belt. To meet the growing demand for experience, Centennial College offers automotive service technician training. The program is designed so that students learn by doing, both in and out of the classroom (during sessions with an employer). It prepares them for the competition of entering an automotive service technician apprenticeship or job, which can be stiff.

When students complete the four periods of 1,800 hours with an employer; and three eight-week college sessions of the automotive service technician training, they will receive a Certificate of Completion and be prepared for the field in positions with: vehicle and parts manufacturers, dealers, garages and service stations, retailers, governments, corporations with their own fleets as well as in self-employment. Due to the number of skilled workers who are set to retire, apprenticeships are the first step into the door of a major employment sector. It is the door you need to open to move up and begin a long-lasting career. You also may qualify for income support while in school through Employment Insurance Canada benefits or training allowance

The focus of the automotive service technician training is to help students to improve their chances at being ahead of the competition for apprenticeship spots and full-time positions. But how does one go about applying? To apply for this automotive service technician training in Centennial’s automotive school, you must possess an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent and be employed as an apprentice. However, you cannot apply directly to the college or ontariocolleges.ca for admission. For general information about apprenticeship registration, please contact the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Check out the contact information by visiting Centennial College’s automotive service technician apprenticeship admissions page.

During the automotive service technician training, you will gain knowledge of automotive and truck/coach technology in a modern lab setting and have help obtaining a job placement. The Automotive Service Technician apprenticeship focuses on a good working knowledge of all of a vehicle’s systems. These systems include: engines, electrical/electronics, fuels, transmissions and drivelines, steering, suspension and brakes.

During your in-school session, you will take part in courses such as: Work Practices, Engine Systems, Drive Train Systems, Suspension/ Steering and Brake Systems, Electrical/Electronics and Emissions. Meanwhile, your field experience will see you working in a repair garage, car dealership or truck operation.

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