Monday, February 7, 2011

Attending a Project Management Institute Ensures a Meaningful Career

Do you enjoy planning and organizing? What about sorting vast amounts of information of a project? Aside from those two tasks, do you enjoy problem solving and thinking critically? Finally, are your leadership skills something of which you are proud? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a career in Project Management may just be for you.

One of the most important aspects of company projects today is ensuring that they are delivered on time and on budget. Project managers are hired mostly by large companies to lead the team behind the project. The first step in project management is to determine goals and deliverables. The second is to come up with a plan to attain the goals and assemble the team that will execute the project, while at the same time managing the budget. The third step, setting deadlines and providing direction to the team, comes as the project launches. During this step, project managers also track deliverables and present reports to the executives that outline project progress, problems and solutions. After the project is completed, Project Managers assess the results.

Many new and exciting careers are emerging in this growing field as project managers take the lead on ensuring projects are successfully completed. A variety of industries, including transportation, marketing, construction, health, new media, education, advertising, engineering, finance and more, hire project managers on a regular basis. However, before a career is launched, a project manager must attend a project management institute or program at a post-secondary institution.

Centennial College in Toronto offers a three-semester program in Project Management that results in a Graduate Certificate. It is geared at students who have previously completed a post-secondary education in a different area of study. These college and university graduates will increase their employability by working towards a globally recognized certification in project management. The project management program is also ideal for experienced project managers seeking to bring a new dimension of leadership to their work environment and for leaders who want to manage innovation in a structured manner.

The quick-paced project management program uses the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBK) methodology, which provides solid, fundamental hands-on training to equip specialists in any discipline with the skills needed to manage projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. The program is also designed to enhance the basic learning from PMBK by delivering a curriculum that includes hands-on integration of technology tools such as Microsoft Project and leading-edge industry case studies with a focus on organizational leadership. These courses include: Fundamentals of Project Management, Project Management Tools and Applications, Project Leadership, and Project Estimation and Cost Management.

In addition, the Project Management Program offers an optional full-time, 12-week experiential learning opportunity with a participating organization will allow you to gain valuable project management experience. The experience can be used towards work requirements for the PMI designation. You will also be required to participate in an online course and prepare assignments related to the experiential learning opportunity.

In order to apply, you must submit an official transcript demonstrating proof of successful completion of a post-secondary advanced diploma or degree program. The School will consider applicants presenting a combination of education and relevant work experience, open to all disciplines. Non-academic requirements include: interview, transcript and resume review.

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