Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Play an Important Roll as Part of the Payroll Management Team

The Payroll Management team of any company is essential in ensuring that the day-to-day financial operations of employees run smoothly. Due to the sheer number of money involved in employee compensation and the complexity of the legal requirements, the payroll management professionals must be organized, timely, not to mentioned well-educated. That’s because, not only do they remunerate employees, they also provide data or reports to company heads, distribute other funds such as petty cash, and keep extensive records of hours logged by employees.

Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario, offers a Payroll Management program that provides graduates with job-ready skills in just eight short months. This program is geared at applicants with previous post-secondary education. In fact, to apply applicants must present an official transcript that demonstrates proof of successful completion of a post secondary advanced diploma or degree program. In addition, students may have to go through an interview process during which a transcript and resume review may be required. English proficiency will also be considered. Please note that if you are able to present a combination of partial post secondary education and relevant work experience, you may be considered. That is open to all disciplines. Students with Payroll management training would be ready in the job market.

The in-depth curriculum of the Payroll Management program is actually delivered in partnership with the Canadian Payroll Association. As a result, qualified students are eligible to earn the professional designations of Payroll Compliance Practitioner and the Certified Payroll Manager that are granted by the Association (please note that registration in this will incur costs in addition to tuition). The curriculum employs the use of case studies, simulations and project-based learning to teach students project management, teamwork, report writing and presentation skills. Specific courses within Payroll Management include Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, Strategic Compensation, Payroll Management, Pension and Benefits and more. This Centennial College program also places emphasis on emerging trends and issues in payroll management, such as the use of promising technologies and changing legislative requirements. Therefore, payroll system training is taught using an SAP application.

Upon graduation from Centennial College, students are prepared to find employment as payroll clerks or officers, payroll and benefits clerks or administrators and payroll accountants in every sector of the Canadian economy. Although the job descriptions within these jobs vary, there are some common tasks that are performed. For example, all Payroll Management professionals must carry out multiple, technical tasks such as printing reports while dealing with inquires and calculating payments. Clearly, being organized and well educated comes in handy. In addition, Payroll Management teams use software applications (such as QuickBooks), perform standard bookkeeping, read technical information, facilitate group discussions, meet deadlines and schedules, and solve practical problems.

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