Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work on Volvo/Mack’s Heavy Vehicles as a Tuck and Coach Technician

Volvo/Mack Truck and Coach Technicians are responsible for the company’s heavy vehicles. Therefore, they must know the latest Volvo technology and how to handle the specific parts of heavier vehicles such as truck-trailers, motor homes, etc. In order to have a long-lasting career in this field, technicians must be properly trained.

At Centennial College, students can learn the ins and outs of the field via the Truck and Coach Technician – Volvo/Mack Canada Inc. (MAP 32) apprenticeship program. To apply, students must possess at minimum, an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or GED or equivalent. They must also be registered as a Truck and Coach Technician apprentice or selected through an interview process. Applying to Centennial College for this program can be done by visiting the School of Transportation’s application page for Truck and Coach Technician - Volvo/Mack Canada Inc. MAP 32. Successful applicants must obtain an employer and then register as a MAP apprentice with the Apprenticeship Branch of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Please note that acceptance in the Truck and Coach Volvo/Mack Technician program is based on successful completion of all entry requirements and space is limited

The program takes 36 weeks to complete with 32 of this weeks spent in school and the last four spent in the field. At the end of training, students are prepared to write the Certificate Qualification exam, which will make them certified to work as Truck and Coach Volvo/Mack technicians in Ontario. Following the exam, a local apprenticeship committee, Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents Association (ATS) will assist you in obtaining an apprenticeship contract and job placement.

During the school sessions of the program, students obtain a combination of practical lab experience and relative lectures. Hands-on training takes place at the province’s largest transportation centre, Ashtonbee Campus. At Ashtonbee, students work with the latest Volvo/Mack technology and the emphasis is placed on electronics, diagnosis and computer management systems. In addition, all aspects of heavy vehicle technology are embodied in the program. Also, the training provided here is more in-depth and longer than that of traditional apprenticeships. The final four weeks of the Truck and Coach Technician program are spent in the field for an apprenticeship with a fleet, transit, dealership or other employee. During this time, students receive pay and may be eligible for Employment Insurance during the in-class training.

Upon graduation from Centennial College, students are prepared for the Truck and Coach Technician field, which involves a few specific tasks. Tech must first review their work order, discuss it with their supervisor and inspect the problem in question. Then, through computerized diagnostic, testing devices and other such methods, Volvo/Mack Truck and Coach technician test systems and components to determine the faults and diagnose a solution. Next, they must adjust, repair or replace parts and components of truck and coach systems including fuel, brake, steering and suspension, engine and drive train, emission control and exhaust, cooling and climate control, and electrical and electronic systems. Volvo/Mack Truck and Coach Technicians also perform scheduled maintenance services, oil changes, lubrications and tune-ups. Lastly, they advise customers on work performed, general vehicle conditions and future repair requirements.

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