Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Train to Become a Computer Engineering Technician in Just Two Years

An embedded system is a computer system that is designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions. It is embedded as part of a complete device, often including hardware and mechanical parts. Embedded interfaces and protocols are typically found in automobiles, airplanes, appliances, security systems, traffic light controls, city lighting systems, and other applications with sensors and actuators. In addition, they are also in digital cameras, MP3 players and other portable devices. The highly skilled people who perform research and design these devices are Computer Engineering Technicians. Their purpose is to create and improve computer and other electronic hardware and software. Specific jobs in the field include: product development, manufacturing, service and technical sales.

At Centennial College’s two-year Computer Engineering Technician – Embedded Networks program, students are prepared for a career with the latest in computer engineering and networks technology. What sets this program apart is that it focuses on embedded networks, while many other computer engineering programs place emphasis on computer technology as it relates to PCs.

At Centennial College, theory is combined with hands-on lab and technical problem solving to ensure that your knowledge is well rounded. All of the state-of-the-art labs that are used within the Embedded Networks program are fully equipped with the latest technology that is being employed in the field. This provides students with the opportunity to learn and work with a wide range of high-tech equipment so that they are comfortable upon graduation. Meanwhile, courses cover topics such as Electronics Shop Practices, Digital Electronics, Programming in C/C++, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems with Linux, Control Networks and more.

At the end of your training, you will be able to assist with troubleshooting, repairing, testing, measuring and documenting a variety of computer-based control systems and subsystems. In addition, within the Computer Engineering Technician – Embedded Networks program, there is an active student chapter of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

Centennial College expects students applying for admission to the Computer Engineering Technician – Embedded Networks program to present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. In addition, students must have completed the Compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent and the Math 11M or U, or 12C or U, or skills assessment, or equivalent. Student will be placed in the appropriate English and math level based on skills assessment result. However, please note that possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to this Centennial College program.

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