Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conquer the Business World with an MBA from Centennial College

A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) postgraduate degree is one of the most coveted credentials for college graduates who plan on entering the competitive business world. It is, in fact, one of several business degrees that have an impact on a professional's salary and career advancement options. But MBA programs have evolved since their launch in the early 1990s. For one, programs are often shorter in length as a result of the highly competitive nature of business. Also, MBA courses have gone from being strictly full-time to part-time, modular, international, distance learning and even online. An MBA from a reputable institution such as Centennial College' School of Business is proof of that evolution.

With a broad range of program offerings that focus on the integration of information and communications technology, Centennial College is known as a leader in the business arena. With program choices ranging in everything from Human Resources Management and International Business Management to Financial Planning, Strategic Management and much more, there's something for everyone. Aside from variety, Centennial College's programs are custom-tailored to meet the needs of a competitive job market. Students obtain skills that are guaranteed to make them job ready and marketable. Many of the programs are also an excellent way of obtaining work experience, as they offer co-ops, internships and work placements. These options allow students to apply everything they’ve learned in their MBA courses to "real life" scenarios with actual customers, co-workers and employers. Many students are hired at their place of work following graduation. However, if you’d rather pursue further education upon graduation, Centennial College's International Business School also has many programs that are recognized by universities through articulation agreements.

There are some essential skills that students develop during their time in Centennial College's MBA programs, which make them successful in the field. These skills include mastering economics, finance, marketing, operations management and accounting. However, MBA programs also teach students critical skills such as leadership, teamwork, ethics and communication, all of which are essential to success as business professionals.

But where can a Masters of Business Administration come in handy? From upper management positions to executive careers, the opportunities for MBA holders are extensive. In fact, many companies limit their searches for upper level managers to those with MBA degrees. However, business isn't the only field in which an MBA is important. Professionals working in healthcare, engineering, music and education can also make good use of an MBA. That's because the skills learned during their studies ensure that they're able to work in administrative and leadership roles, giving them a great amount of mobility.

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