Friday, August 6, 2010

Get Hands-on Experience with a Spa Management Certificate

Imagine lying on a comfortable bench, listening to soothing music with cucumber slices on your eyes while a friendly spa technician performs a much-needed facial or perhaps massages your tense shoulders. These relaxing experiences can be quite a treat in our hectic lives. Not only do they provide relaxation but, increasingly, spas are also offering stress relief via deep tissue massages and other such treatments. However, the spa experience would not be as relaxing were it not for experienced spa managers who ensure that every moment of your visit is perfectly planned. Spa managers are responsible for running day-to-day operations, with a focus on financial accountability, budgets, team leading and building, customer service (such as designing treatment packages) and networking. With an increase in the popularity of spas, management has become a lucrative career option in the wellness business.

According to PKF Consulting, a Canadian management-consulting firm, the spa business continues to grow and evolve in Canada. From 1996 to 2006, the spa industry experienced cumulative growth of 329 per cent, which resulted in it surpassing the billion-dollar revenue mark in 2005. There were over 2,300 spa locations in Canada as of March 2006 with the majority being day spas (74 per cent), followed by resort/hotel (19 per cent), medical, destination, club, and mineral spring spas. With such positive statistics, the opportunities for spa management are numerous.

The popularity of the Spa Management graduate certificate program at Centennial College reflects the high demand for qualified professionals to manage and operate spas. During the spa management training program, you will study operations such as business practices and human relations. You will also investigate how the industry is positioned within the sectors of health, business and hospitality.

More specifically, you will learn to present yourself to customers and effectively lead other employees, as the tempering of feelings is essential to a relaxed spa environment. Spa management also conveys the message of "service is the key" and Centennial's program does a great job of teaching students how to assess, predict and construct spa service menus as well as design a spa layout that allows of effective customer comfort. The other important aspect of the management of spas is strong business knowledge. Students of the program, create analyze and interpret financial statements, conduct market research and focus on current business trends. Graduates of Centennial College's Spa Management Training are confident, and therefore, employable upon graduation.

Applicants to the program must submit an official transcript demonstrating proof of successful completion of a post-secondary diploma or degree program in the following fields: health or community services, business (such as management, human resources) or hospitality. A resume demonstrating five years of work experience in the fields listed above and fluency in English are also required.

For customers, a spa experience is calming, enjoyable and sometimes, essential. For those in the spa management field, the business is also enjoyable but comes with a great responsibility. Whether working in a day spa, on a cruise or at a retreat, a manager must possess a balance of customer service and business skills that can only be obtained with proper Spa Management Training at institutions such as Centennial College.

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