Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apprenticeship Path to a Career

Trevor Thompson registering for the Modified Apprenticeship Program in Truck and Coach in August 2008 (inset). The larger picture shows Trevor (on the right) in his work placement with the City of Toronto (Fleet Maintenance) this past December.

Trevor is thankful for the help he has received from the Ministry (Marieke Vander-Meiden) and SoT staff (Professors Thompson, Dixon and Tamburro) in pursuing his goal of becoming a licensed technician with the City of Toronto. He moved to Scarborough last year because he was interested in studying at Centennial.

He started with the Con. Ed. Department by taking night courses on Steering, Suspensions and Brakes while being employed during the day at East Spring Service. When he heard about the opportunity to study full time in the Modified Truck and Coach Co-op he did not hesitate to quit his job to pursue full time studies. With a little support from EI and his savings account, Trevor has remained focused upon his goals of continuing to achieve credentials in the Transportation industry.

His professors are receiving very good reports on his field placements. He even volunteered to stay on for an additional three weeks in his placement with the City of Toronto. Trevor is impressed “with the amazing diversity of people and the variety of equipment in the Fleet Maintenance Department.”

We can expect to see Trevor around our campus for some time yet as he continues to build upon his successes by enrolling in full and part-time programs with the School of Transportation. Visit Automotive schools to find more information about your apprenticeship training.

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