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Accounting Clerks are in great demand because computerized accounting is everywhere. Mathematics and great analysis are the prerequisites of this profession. This course is a blend of accounting and computers. If you love accounting, everything is fun, from recording to the presentation. Deadlines depend on what kind of report you are going to prepare. Centennial College Toronto offers a well designed Accounting Clerk’s curriculum for students. It also imparts students working knowledge of the way accounting is done in today's technological environment.

There are two sections in accounting field. One is Professional level and a clerking level. The professional level demands a degree on accounting, where as basic training in accounting procedures is needed for clerking level. Being an accounting associate graduate is highly appreciated in the accounting/treasury department as it needs an analytical mind. Main job responsibility of accounting payable clerk is to perform the day to day processing of accounts payable transactions to ensure that finances are maintained in an effective, up to date and accurate manner. These courses empower students to be more analytical and also more calculative.

Centennial Toronto has some salient features while imparting the course. The School offers leading edge information technology infrastructure. Students will really love to study the latest technology here. The knowledge students get here makes them stand upright on the international platform and work confidently.

Many classes are taught in a lab environment which is fully equipped with an integrated network of computer systems. The students are given hands on training in the lab.
Courses are qualified for exemptions with the Canadian Institute of Book keepers (CIB) this is an accreditation.
The program is short, intensive eight-month training. Though the program is short the training is thorough and students will gain in-depth knowledge.

Practical hands-on experience in modern microcomputer labs is provided, so that students will get introduced to the most modern technology.

You will gain effective business communication skills, the most important part of the business. The expression, business vocabulary and manners are taught in a meticulous way.
Apart from the curriculum an overview of other business functions in an organization is provided. So that students are ready for the wider spectrum. Faculty is highly Knowledgeable and approachable having business experience. Transferring to other accounting program is easy

Courses offered at Centennial are given below:-

  • Business Operations
  • Financial Accounting I
  • Microcomputer Applications Software 1
  • Payroll
  • Taxation 1
  • Accounting Microcomputer Applications 1
  • Financial Accounting 2
  • Management Accounting 1
  • Microcomputer Applications Software 2
  • Small Business Software

The Accounting Clerk – Microcomputer program at School of business, Centennial College. One can possess latest information for the given subject from an experienced professors along with the quick facility of new software processing and limited period of time to enhance and sharpen your knowledge.

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